Commonly used Race Marks

LMSA will include Lake Monroe’s Channel Marks and Manatee Marks for the Rum Races and Monthly Jameson races.

The most commonly used marks are as follows

Channel Marker 8
28.831043085081017 -81.28830115197285

Channel Marker 10
28.825959845253458 -81.28180366329701

Manatee Marker (sign) 1
28.848144674600853 -81.24938755140792

Manatee Marker (post) 2
28.854083532042917 -81.2544414564736

Rum Race Marker -LMSA has also placed a Floating Mark on the lake and have labeled it as Rum Race Marker 1 (RR1) This mark has moved through the years, but should be within feet of this coordinate (as of April 2018).
28.83552, -81.26393